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Cristian Stromberg is a Swedish/Chilean electronic producer living in Australia. From an early age, Cristian showed great interest in music and in his teenage years began to explore electronic music. Today, Cristian has released music through some of the world’s leading labels (Sony/Disco;Wax, Warner music) bringing his melodic, yet intense and snazzy music to the market, with the hopes of creating music that makes a difference.

When asked what Cristian’s goal with his music is, his response was short but powerful: “I want to make music that brings out emotions in people, whether that emotion is to dance, or to reminisce, or to relax, is not important. The key is emotion”.

Some venues he has previously performed at include Garrison and Six Degrees in Albany WA, Solidaritet, Spy bar, The Lab East as well as Radission Blu Skybar in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2018 he even journeyed to the Black Market in Miami, USA during Miami Music Week.


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