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Born in 1988, in one of the farthest cities from anywhere, Perth Western Australia, Artist 4UK (aka. Adam Doulton) grew up around music. Being exposed to radio and the record player when he was a child from his musically enhanced parents, Adam was engulfed by the multi-genre elements that travelled through his ears.
As his music knowledge progressed from a young age, Adam found himself deconstructing what he found to like in records, a trait that has allowed him to stay on the ball of musical trends to this day. “Listening to a lot of old rock bands start to bring syths in their music caught my ear as I started to take notice of sounds that where a bit ‘unnatural’ from the common instrument”. This revelation sent Adam down the rabbit hole of musical genres such as hip hop and nu-metal, contrasting with techno and drum n bass.
At the age of 12, he began DJ-ing at blue light discos and progressed quickly to underground warehouse raves, learning to select music to suit the vibe of any occasion. At the age of 15, Adam joined a break dance group as both dancer and DJ. It was here where he developed the skills to master not just the art of scratching but also beat juggling. He toured nationally with this group.
Adam established his brand 4UK (FOR YOU OK) when he began DJing professionally in nightclubs in 2005. Over the following years he has performed at a number of venues all around Australia such as Dungeon Saturdays, Flirt Fridays, Midnight Resort, Sweet Saturdays, Deviance and his biggest festival show to date at Electric Gardens Festival.

4UK aims to combine his energy and cross-genre mixing to bring enjoyment to everyone that he performs for. His goal for the project: “When I play I just want to give back that enjoyment that I have had when I see an amazing DJ play”.



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Posted by 4UK on Saturday, 15 December 2018

Tech on the Deck was banging 💯💯👊

Posted by 4UK on Saturday, 21 September 2019