Corporate DJ Hire Canberra

If you are planning a large corporate event, you want to ensure that everything is timed and organised perfectly, and that all your guests and attendees are happy and in good spirits. Its why you plan all the food, decorations, seating and lighting down to the last detail. While all of these are very important factors, what is probably even more important is that you opt for expert Corporate DJ hire Canberra.  This is where our services come into the picture.

We at Pump House DJs are one of the foremost companies in this space and over the years have created a distinct niche for ourselves.  We cater to customers from various fields and have a team of highly skilled professionals that have years of experience in this field.

Our work approach

We are very focused on providing customised solutions to our customers, and so adopt a highly specialised approach when you come to us with your requirements:

  • We take extra efforts to understand what your requirements are
  • We ask you what demographic of attendees you are going to have at the event
  • The kind of music you prefer we play for your guests
  • Whether you would like us to take requests from your guests
  • What kind of an event its- entirely formal or casual

We understand that music events are typically a mix of enjoyment and business and that a lot of business networking takes place there. In addition to employees, there may be clients there too sometimes and you need to ensure that your organisation culture is reflected in everything you do, including in the planning of the event.

You will find our DJs to be very friendly and lively and they are able to vibe with the crowd and cater to the kind of music they are able to relate to. The job of any Corporate DJ hire Canberra is very different from DJs that play at any other event. They have to be extremely professional and understand the level of decorum that has to be maintained at corporate events; since it’s a more formal atmosphere, they have to be able to balance the fun and professional quotient well.

Corporate DJ hire Canberra – Customised services

This is why we always encourage our clients to actually meet up with some of our Corporate DJ hire Canberra team members, understand what their music style is, and whether they would be able to provide the kind of services they expect. This approach helps ensure that you get the exact services you want and that your event is a success.

When you come to us with your request, we provide you a list of our DJ names that have played at corporate events in the past as well. For Corporate DJ hire Canberra that will get your  guests and attendees into the groove, call Pump House DJs at this number- 1300136791 or fill up this form and we’ll get back to you. You also have the option to check DJ availability via this online form. We also have a very convenient online Instant Quote form you can use.